Crime Prevention

As with any triangle, if a single leg is missing, a triangle cannot be formed. This holds true in regard to crime as well. If any
one of these is missing, no crime will occur.

The main objective of crime prevention is to reduce the opportunity for
crime, thereby reducing the likelihood that crime will occur.

Crime Prevention

You don’t necessarily need physical strength, agility or speed.

You do need to be alert, cautious and self-confident.

You can help prevent crime if you know:

  1. How criminals operate – they look for the easiest opportunities.
  2. How to foil them – you can spot opportunities before they do, and remove them.

Important phone numbers

  • Better Business Bureau of
    (302) 996-9200
  • State of Delaware Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Unit
    (302) 577-3250
  • Newark Police Department (non-emergency)
    (302) 366-7111