Housing Choice Vouchers allow participating participants to choose and rent units from private owners. All owners who are in good standing with the agency and have units within Newark city limits are welcome to participate. The agency pays a fixed amount of the rent to the owner each month, and the participant pays the difference between this subsidy and the total rent, in addition to any utilities not included in the rent.

Program Benefits

  1. Timely payments. Each month owners receive part of the voucher holder’s rent directly from the agency.
  2. Flexibility and stability. If a participant’s income changes, the agency adjusts the amount of the voucher, increasing the participant’s ability to make payments on time.
  3. Inspections help maintain property value. Our inspectors help owners identify and fix problems with units, insuring they are kept in good condition.

How to Get Started

Landlords can participate by agreeing to rent to a voucher holder. Once a voucher holder wants to rent your unit, you will receive all the necessary information and forms you need to get started.

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Link to Delaware Landlord Tenant Code

Information provided was adapted from Seattle Housing Authority, Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Information for Landlords, available from Seattle Housing. Program details may vary.

The red border on the map indicate the NHA's jurisdiction