Employment Opportunity for Building and Apartment Maintenance Services (Work Orders, Unit-Apartment Turnaround, Grounds Keeping, Snow Removal, On-Call After-Hours)


313 East Main Street Newark, Delaware 19711 Telephone/TDD 302-366-0826 Fax 302-366-8212 



BUILDING AND APPARTMENT MAINTENANCE SERVICES (Work Orders, Unit-Apartment Turnaround, Grounds Keeping, 

Snow Removal, OnCall AfterHours) 

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 

Friday, January 7, 2022, 4:30 p.m. 

Late Responses will NOT be accepted. 

Prepared by: Newark Housing Authority 

313 E. Main Street Newark, Delaware 19711 

Request for Responses Building and Apartment Maintenance ServicesWork orders, Unit Apartment Turnaround, Grounds Keeping, Snow Removal, On Call After-Hours 

The Newark Housing Authority (NHA) is a NonProfit Local Government Entity, operating a Low Income Public Housing Program and a Housing Choice Voucher Program. The LowIncome Public Housing Program currently offers 54 units that are owned and managed by the authority while 42 units and 14 Project Based units are currently managed by a private management company with general oversight by NHA. The NHA also assists 96 families with rental assistance under the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) within the City Limits of Newark

Under the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has direct responsibility for administering lowincome housing programs in the United States. Accordingly, HUD contracts with NHA to administer certain HUD funds

The Newark Housing Authority (NHA) is requesting “fixed fee” proposals from qualified general contractors or individuals to provide labor required to perform daily Building and Apartment Maintenance, Grounds Keeping and Snow Removal services as described in the “Scope of Work” section below. The firm selected to provide these services will be awarded a two-year contract with NHA reserving the right to renew for additional oneyear term(s). 

Responses Due Date and Time 

Responses will be received by NHA at 313 E. Main Street until 4:30 PM, January 7, 2022. Late responses will NOT be accepted. 

Contact Person and Address for Submission of Responses 

Interested, qualified firms and persons (collectively referred to as “Contractor”) are invited to submit responses to the employment opportunity via U.S. Mail or email to: 

Marene M. Jordan, Executive Director Newark Housing Authority 

313 E. Main Street Newark, Delaware 19711 


Email: mjordan@newarkhousingauthority.net 

Written comments, questions or requests for additional information related to this Employment Opportunity should be directed to Marene M. Jordan of the Newark Housing Authority located at 313 East Main Street, Newark, Delaware (302) 366-0826 or by email to mjordan@newarkhousingauthority.net Subject line should be Responses for Building, Apartment Maintenance, Ground keeping and Snow Removal Services. Correspondences are to be received no later than January 7, 2022

Responses Sent by U.S. Mail or Delivered

Submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to the contact indicated above, with the words clearly printed: Building and Apartment Maintenance, Grounds Keeping, Snow Removal, On Call After Hours Employment Opportunity

Minimum Qualifications 

  1. At least 3 years of experience in the maintenance field (at least two years in residential multi family apartments) and be able to perform a full range of services as described in Scope of Work”.
  2. Contractor must be able to demonstrate a structure and strategy for meeting service requirements at all property locations in a timely/responsive fashion.
  3. Contractor shall employ a sufficient number of qualified service personnel who can arrive on the site within the specified time period stated on the work order and complete the requested maintenance or repair work. Service shall be performed by qualified and trained service personnel directly employed by or under contract with the Contractor. A contact number for the Contractor shall be provided.
  4. Criminal background check will be required for service personnel employed or under contract with the Contractor.


Introduction/Background Information Newark Housing Authority (hereafter referred to as “NHA”), is requesting responses from qualified, experienced, interested firms and persons (collectively referred to as “Contractor”) 

Property/Program Summary 

Public Housing Properties 

Total Units 

One (1) Bedroom Units (Independence/Delaware Circle) 

Scattered Sites 

Administrative Building 

SECTION II: Scope of Work and Responsibilities of

The contractor shall: 

  1. Report to the Administrative Assistant or assigned designee for reporting and compliance requirements.
  2.  Evaluate the generated work order(s) and provide technician(s) to perform the necessary work in completing the repairs, including some plumbing, heating, electric, snow removal and grounds keeping. Snow removal and grounds keeping is only for the 36 1-bedroom units, vacant units and the administration building in accordance with the City of Newark codes. Snow removals and grounds keeping services at occupied scattered sites are not the contractor’s responsibility.
  3. Escort outside contractors and/or inspectors in performing their duties (i. escorting an exterminator, REAC Inspector, etc.)
  4. Provide all qualified labor, tools needed and list of needed materials (for approval) to perform the services and complete the work. NHA will provide materials necessary and heavy equipment as needed. Any out-of-pocket expenses paid by the contractor necessary in completing an assignment will be reimbursed as long as a receipt of purchase is provided with an explanation for the purchase.
  1. Provide a weekly schedule for maintenance services needed with flexibility in prioritizing and completing work/work orders. The contractor should check in with office staff at the beginning of the workday, periodically throughout the day and at the end of the workday. Contractor must complete routine work orders and maintenance on weekdays between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
  2. Respond to work orders from the Housing Authority detailing what tasks to perform, property address, time work order was generated, name and contact information of tenant. Contractor will be expected to have personnel respond to a work order within 48 hours unless the Work Order provides otherwise. Emergency work orders must be addressed and/or resolved within 24 hours inclusive of weekends and holidays. A detailed daily work order log shall be maintained by contractor and should be made available to office staff weekly.
  1. Report conditions observed that are outside of the requested work order requiring repairs. Contractor shall notify NHA’s staff to generate a work order for the additional work.
  2. Coordinate with NHA management access to the property and residential units. Contractor may not enter a unit when only minor children are present.
  1. Issue the assigned service technician a service work order detailing exactly what tasks to perform if he/she (NHA’s Contractor) is unable to perform the required work. NHA’s Contractor is responsible for contacting and payment for services outsourced (within reason). For work orders placed before noon, the service technician must appear on site before the end of business the following day to access and/or resolve the work order. Upon completion of the work, the Contractor shall supply a copy of the completed work order to NHA. Work orders shall be issued by NHA management.
  2. Be responsible for any faulty installation and/or repairs performed by contractor or any designees. A contractor, at its own cost, is responsible to correct any incomplete, inaccurate, or defective work, when such inaccuracies are due to the negligence of the contractor provided such work has been found unacceptable by NHA. Completion of work may be inspected by NHA management prior to payment.
  1. Submit an invoice by the 14th and the 29th to be paid semimonthly (twice a month). The invoice will include days of completion of a work order, the work order number, description of the work, date and time of the service requested, and the name of the service technician assigned (if needed or outsourced). No payment will be made without an invoice. If the invoice includes reimbursable expenses (i.e. materials), the expense must be described on the invoice with a copy of all receipts.

Note: emergency callouts are not subject to additional, or overtime pay. 

  1. Provide his/her contact number for availability. Emergency call work orders must be responded to within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Maintain proper workmens compensation insurance and other insurance as needed.
  3. Agree to at least an annual evaluation to determine overall performance and continued contractual agreement.
  4. Provide a full range of building and apartment maintenance services

These services include but are not limited to: 

a) General Carpentry b) Plumbing c) Electrical problems d) Appliance repair e) Heating repair f) Unit inspection/Repair in preparation for new tenant g) Hauling /disposing of materials f) Interior/exterior painting g) Fence building and repair h) Drywall repair i) Window Screen replacement j) Window Cleaning k) Door repair and replacement 1) Janitorial Services for Administrative building m) Preventative Maintenance n) Maintenance of common areas 0) Maintenance of laundry and utility rooms p) Maintenance and Organization of shop area/inventory q) Grounds Keeping r) Snow Removal s) Vacant unit turn around 

SECTION III: Selection Criteria 

Respondents shall be required to submit a brief written response to our office no later than Friday, January 7, 2022 by 4:30 PM. The responses will be evaluated and rated based on the following

NHA will evaluate the responses on the following criteria: 

  • Contractor’s or individuals previous experience working with housing Authorities, multifamily properties, property management companies. (5%)
  • Work experience and knowledge in plumbing, heating, electric etc. Provide any certifications that apply. (45%)
  • WBE and/or MBE Certification and/or participation. (5%)
  • Contractor’s availability to NHA. (20%)
  • Price to perform services. (20%)
  • Provide current insurance forms (i.e. workman’s compensation, etc.). Business and/or Contractors License. (5%)

100 Total Points 

SECTION IV: Policies Regarding Submission of Responses 

  1. NHA will not reimburse Contractors for costs that they incur in preparing their responses.
  1. NHA reserves the right to request additional information from the Contractors in order to make a fully informed decision regarding the selection of the Contractor.
  2. NHA reserves the right to reject any and all responses. Contractor hired by NHA as a result of this employment opportunity will be an independent contractor or individual not an employee of NHA.
  3. Contractor will be required to list NHA as an additional insured on their Worker’s Compensation Insurance or any insurance that maybe needed.