Local Housing Information

Newark Housing Authority
Download Powerpoint as PDF
Affordable Housing: A Challenge for Our Community (pdf, 3038 kb)
2008 Community Survey Results
Map of our Jurisdiction

Federal Government

Census 2000 Profile for New Castle County
Delaware Income Eligibility Tables FY2008, HUDuser.org

HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies in Delaware

Delaware State Housing Authority

Delaware State-wide Housing Needs Assessment, 2008-2012
Delaware State-wide Housing Needs Assessment, 2003-2007, Executive Summary

Breaking the Cycle: Delaware’s 10 Year
Plan to End Chronic Homelessness and Reduce Long-Term Homelessness

Consolidated Plan, 2008-2012

State of Delaware

Delaware Population Consortium Annual Population Projections, October 2007
Delaware Facing Forward: A Look at Delaware’s Demographic Future

Delaware Housing Coalition

Who Can Afford to Live in Delaware? 2007
Who Can Afford to Live in Delaware? 2008

Realities of Poverty in Delaware, 2005-2006

Realities of Poverty in Delaware, 2007-2008

New Castle County

Comprehensive Development Plan
Five-Year Strategic Plan

University of Delaware

City of Newark, Delaware: Livable and Walk-able Communities, Bahareh Van Boekhold Presentation to NHA, September 2007 (pdf, 1299 kb)
Housing Needs of Extremely Low Income Households in Delaware, Center for Community Research and Service

Demographics and Profiles of Delaware’s Elderly, Institute for Public Administration

Healthy and Walkable Communities, Institute for Public Administration

Floodplain Mapping, Water Resources Agency

Economic Impact of the University of Delaware on Newark and State of Delaware, Institutional Research and Planning 2003

City of Newark

Comprehensive Development Plan IV, DRAFT
Facts and Figures

Housing Assistance Programs

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Revenue Sharing Program

City of Newark Municipal Building

Center for Housing Policy

Preservation of Affordable Homeownership: A Continuum of Strategies

Campaign for Affordable Housing

Gaining Support for Affordable Housing in a Community

What We Know about Public Attitudes on Affordable Housing

Delaware Healthy Homes website


Local Housing Authorities

Wilmington Housing Authority

Other Helpful Links

State Hudson Center
Food Bank of Delaware
Newark Area Welfare Committee
Delaware Tenant Landlord Code
Delaware Housing Search

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